The UC San Diego Animal Care Program Diagnostic Services Laboratory provides a broad spectrum of clinical pathology and morphologic pathology services for research support (e.g., phenotype characterization, safety/toxicology testing, individual animal model-related tests), as well as colony and individual animal health diagnostics and care. Prices for these services are determined on a cost recovery basis. The diagnostic laboratory is overseen by a veterinary pathologist, and staffed by experienced laboratory technicians. The large range of procedures and tests conducted in-house by the laboratory is complemented and expanded by use of established outside reference laboratories when necessary, as coordinated by the laboratory.

The UC San Diego Mouse Phenotyping Core provides a service to analyze and interpret the histopathology of genetically altered mice.

The UC San Diego Animal Care Program Phenotyping Core provides behavioral and metabolic testing to assist researchers reach their goals. We provide testing, training, and rental of equipment for many testing paradigms on a recharge basis.

For details regarding these services, please contact:
Veterinary Pathologist at 858-534-8860 or
Diagnostic Services Laboratory at 858-534-4264 or

The Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory is a self-supporting international reference center for the diagnosis and study of neuromuscular diseases affecting companion animals. Six full time Staff Research Associates are employed by the laboratory to perform diagnostic clinical and research testing procedures on muscle and nerve biopsy specimens. Serological assays are also performed for the diagnosis of canine and feline myasthenia gravis. A large tissue archive of frozen and embedded muscle and nerve specimens is maintained. Consultations and collaborations are also available to other investigators using rodent models of neuromuscular disease.