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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program

UC San Diego career page on veterinary medicine

UCSD Pre-Veterinary Student Association

UC Davis links:
University of California Veterinary Medical Center in San Diego

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine 

Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology, UC Davis

The STAR Program is an administrative program of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis to coordinate and offer funding opportunities on a competitive basis to veterinary students to experience veterinary and biomedical research during the summer months.  For more details visit:

The Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Center at UC Davis is a four center consortium that considers donations of mutant mice into a publicly accessible repository system. Donations of mice are reviewed for scientific merit. This is a free service. 

The Mouse Biology Program at UC Davis cryopreserves mouse lines for a fee.

The Mouse Phenotype Core facility performs metabolism and endocrinology, behavioral, and cardiovascular phenotyping at UC Davis

To obtain a mouse from the UC Davis mouse repository, contact:

San Diego State University links:
San Diego State University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association

Other Foundation links:
San Diego Zoo Wildlife Conservancy

National Marine Mammal Foundation

Friends of the Island Fox

National Wildlife Health Center - Chronic Wasting Disease